Inside America (2010)

Inside America is Barbara Eder‘s first film, starring Patty Barrera, Carlos Benavides, Edward K. Bravo, Luis De Los Santos, Zuleyma Jaime, Raul Juarez and Aimee Lizette Saldivar.

6 Teenagers in Brownville, Texas: Patty (Patty Barrera) struggles in school, while her grandmother things the best choice for her would be to marry quickly, but definitely not her boyfriend Manni (Raul Juarez) who doesn’t have any money himself. Manni has to work the nightshift and tries to be diligent, but gang violence keeps catching up with him. In the meantime Aimee (Aimee Lizette Saldivar) tries to fulfill her mother’s dream of getting voted Most Beautiful in high school and to convince herself that it’s her dream, too while her weapons-obsessed boyfriend Carlos (Carlos Benavides) sleeps with her maid. Zuly (Zuleyma Jaime) is about to move out from her foster family and has no idea where she could move to. And Ricky (Luis De Los Santos) is so shy that he can’t even sell some cookies for a fundraiser.

Inside America is an interesting look at the unpolished side of US-American high school life. It tries to look at a difficult subject from a fresh perspective, but can’t really get away from the stereotyped characters it created.

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