Alle reden übers Wetter [Talking About the Weather] (2022)

Alle reden übers Wetter
Director: Annika Pinske
Writer: Annika Pinske, Johannes Flachmeyer
Cast: Anne Schäfer, Judith Hofmann, Marcel Kohler, Anne-Kathrin Gummich, Max Riemelt, Emma Frieda Brüggler, Sandra Hüller
Seen on: 7.7.2022

Clara (Anne Schäfer) has returned to university after a long break and is now working on her PhD and teaching some classes. Her work eats up all her time, and she barely sees her daughter Emma (Emma Frieda Brüggler) who lives with her father. In practically stolen moments, Clara has an affair with a student (Marcel Kohler). With a deadline looming for a paper, Clara also has to go to her hometown for the weekend to celebrate her mother Inge’s (Anne-Kathrin Gummich) birthday. It gets to be a little much altogether.

Alle reden übers Wetter is a neat film that will speak to anybody who has grown a little too big for their hometown. It examines Clara’s situation with a sharp eye and manages to find the good with the bad.

The film poster showing Clara (Anne Schäfer) wearing sunglasses in front of an orange background with a small town street in white drawn on it.
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