The Tall Man (2012)

The Tall Man
Director: Pascal Laugier
Writer: Pascal Laugier
Cast: Jessica Biel, Jodelle Ferland, Stephen McHattie, William B. Davis, Samantha Ferris, Colleen Wheeler, Eve Harlow
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

Julia (Jessica Biel) is the nurse in a small mining town that is slowly dying. There is barely any work and the continuous disappearance of children is also eroding the moral and social structure. According to town legend, it’s the Tall Man who takes the kids. Julia seems doubtful about that legend – but then her own child is taken. But Julia won’t give up and starts the slow unraveling of the events in the town.

The movie starts off absolutely great: it’s tense and scary and woah. But then the plot twists start and as soon as that happens, the tension goes out of the film and I just wanted to roll my eyes.

[Full-on SPOILERS]

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