Do Your Research, Ok?!

There’s a review of Evita up at the Guardian Film Blog, which I really enjoy reading, usually.

In the background lurks Che Guevara (Antonio Banderas), Evita’s creepy stalker, turning up at various points in her life to make catty remarks and remind her of her impending death. In real life, the two never met, though the young Guevara did once write Evita a letter asking her to buy him a jeep. It was a joke. Probably you had to be there.

Look, I’m in no way suggesting that Evita is a great movie – Madonna was obviously not a good cast, especially not when protraying the young Evita. Their history was ill-founded, and very one sided. I like the music, although you can bitch about a few things.

But Ché (Antonio Banderas‘ character) is the best thing about the musical, a stroke of genius and IN NO WAY meant to be Che Guevera – he’s Ché, a particle in Argentinian Spanish that is something like “Hey, you!” [and btw. a rather popular (nick) name]. Ché is supposed to be “us” – the people of Argentina. And the way that concept is implemented is wonderful.

[I’m sorry I put this up here, but I can’t comment on the Guardian blog itself.]