Fair Rebel (Steph Swainston)

Fair Rebel is the fifth novel in the Fourlands Series by Steph Swainston.
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Finished on: 18.4.2017

15 years have passed since the Emperor San and the Vermiform clashed. By now the Fourlands have discovered gunpowder and are ready for a last big strike against the insects. But before they can actually carry it out, it turns out that the gunpowder has been tampered with and has been liberally mixed with sand. This discovery sends Jant, the Emperor’s messenger, on a chase to find the culprit and the missing gunpowder – before things are blown up that aren’t insects.

Fair Rebel finally returns to the Fourlands (although it wasn’t that long of a wait for me because I was a little later in discovering the series, but the last one before this one was a prequel, so anyway) and it does so with a bang – quite literally. As usual, I very much loved reading about this world and was excited about the new twist and turns the story makes.

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