Carry On (Rainbow Rowell)

Carry On is a novel by Rainbow Rowell. It’s – kind of – a spin-off from Fangirl.
Finished on: 14.10.2017

Simon Snow is in his final year at the magical school of Watford. Simon is the Chosen One, prophesised to defeat the Insidious Humdrum, an honor Simon could really do without. Especially since his hold on magic is tenuous at best. But together with his best friend Penelope, who has an excellent grasp of magic, Simon is ready to face the world. Even his roommate Baz who Simon is sure is up to no good. Baz really does think more about Simon than he probably should, but it’s not really because his intentions are evil.

Carry On is a quick, fun read and really drew me in, despite a couple of issues I had here and there. It definitely managed to make me smile.

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Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell)

Fangirl is a novel by Rainbow Rowell.
Finished on: 2.1.2016

Cath and her twin sister Wren are freshmen in college, something Cath has been dreading for quite a while: ever since Wren told her that she didn’t want to be roommates with her in their dorm. Socially awkward Cath is at a loss. While Wren adjust easily to college life, especially the parties, Cath withdraws more and more into the fan fiction she’s writing about Simon Snow, the boy magician, and his vampire roommate Baz Pitch (a fic she used to write with Wren). But her roommate Reagan can’t watch this and starts to drag Cath out of her shell, aided by her best friend Levi whose easy-going and accessible nature helps considerably.

Fangirl is not only a sweet, captivating coming of age story, it’s also an accurate portrayal of fan culture as I know it – which is very rare. I blazed through it (as high velocity is apparently the only speed I can read Rainbow Rowell novels at) and I loved it.

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