Answering Questions Asked Through Google X

Today’s question is interesting [and had me laughing out loud when I first read it].

“what happened to william baldwin”?

William Baldwin, not as famous as brother Alec, but more famous than brother Stephen, and infinitely more famous than brother Daniel, is still an actor, and a rather productive one at that.

So, the short answer would basically be: Nothing happened to him.

And the long answer would be: he’s working on several projects right now, he’s still married, he fights with his brother Stephen over gay rights. He was recently seen in Dirty Sexy Money and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (where he was one of the few things actually worth seeing). And his next movie is going to be Sakura: Blue-Eyed Samurai (he’s not the Blue-Eyed Samurai, though).

Better than I thought is not necessarily really good

I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall this weekend.

I think the title of this post sums it up pretty well – it was better than I thought it would be, but I thought it would be really, really bad. I didn’t know if I wanted to see it, because it sounded so bad, from everything I had seen of it. On the other hand, I very much enjoyed Jason Segel‘s performance in Freaks and Geeks, even though his character Nick got terribly on my nerves.

Anyway, I ended up seeing it and I laughed a lot. About the dracula puppet musical. [If you want to watch the video, be warned, it’s pretty much the end, and will spoil!]

About Sarah’s TV shows.

[Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime]

About Aldous’ music videos.

[Infant Sorrow – We’ve Got To Do Something]

I loved the cameos and known faces that kept on popping up [Jason Bateman, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd (who I almost didn’t recognise – I thought he looked more like his own brother) and, of course, William Baldwin].

Unfortunately, the characters and the story left me really cold. I just didn’t care what happened with them. (Partly, surely, because I knew what would happen after about 5 minutes into the movie.)

The biggest problem I had with it was that I had the same problem with Peter (Jason Segel’s character) that I had with Nick (Jason Segel’s character). Maybe it was a case of transference, but I suspect it was my allergy to clinginess: I just thought all the time: “Get over yourself, you wussy! And stop getting on my nerves! I MEAN IT!” And that can really ruin the cinematic experience for me.