Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot [They Call Me Jeeg] (2015)

Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot
Director: Gabriele Mainetti
Writer: Nicola GuaglianoneMenotti
Cast: Claudio SantamariaLuca MarinelliIlenia PastorelliStefano AmbrogiMaurizio TeseiFrancesco Formichetti
Part of: /slash Filmfestival (Secret Society Screening)
Seen on: 2.10.2016
[Review by cornholio.]

Enzo (Claudio Santamaria) is a small time crook who works for Zingaro (Luca Marinelli). One night he has to run from the police and his only chance to escape is a jump into the heavily polluted Tiber river. It works and Enzo heads home. When he wakes up the next day, everything is different: Enzo now has superpowers and with them the chance to start fresh. Or at least to become a more competent robber. But superpowers won’t go unnoticed, neither by Zingaro nor by Enzo’s neighbor Ale (Ilenia Pastorelli).

Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot takes on USAmerican comic and superhero lore, mixes in a bit of manga and transplants them to Italy – an idea I generally liked. Unfortunately they took every single problematic trope with them in the process, leaving me less than impressed with the result.


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