What Would Spock Do?

What Would Spock Do?
Director: Jon Brittain
Writer: Jon Brittain
Cast: Sam Donnelly
Part of: Fringe @ Rabenhof
Seen on: 1.4.2017

Gary (Sam Donnelly) used to be a nerd. He loved Star Trek above everything else. But now that he’s an adult, he grew out of it. Or at least, that’s what he tells himself. Until he meets his new colleague Kira at work: she wears her hair like Spock. She wears a Star Trek pin. And she’s absolutely perfect. But what weighs more heavily: not being a nerd or being in love with Kira? Gary will have to decide.

What Would Spock Do? is an utterly charming one-man show that’s cute and funny and speaks to and probably for the outsider inside all of us, albeit sticking with a rather conservative narrative.

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Am I Dead Yet?

Am I Dead Yet?
Director: Amy Hodge
Writer: Jon Spooner, Chris Thorpe
Cast: Jon Spooner, Chris Thorpe
Part of: Fringe @ Rabenhof
Seen on: 21.1.2017

One could assume that the difference between life and death is one of the most easily recognizable and most basic of medical distinctions. But with advances in resuscitation, death is no longer entirely irreversible. And it’s definitely not something that can be pinned down to a certain moment. So, let’s talk about dying – and coming back to life.

Am I Dead Yet? is a mix of stand-up program, play and medical lecture. It’s an unlikely combination, but it works perfectly, tackling an often tabooed topic from many angles with charm and science.

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