A Hazardous Engagement (Gaie Sebold)

A Hazardous Engagement is a novella by Gaie Sebold.
Finished on: 30.8.2019
[I won this book in a librarything Early Reviewer give-away.]

Madis is a thief and she knows that she is a good one. As does her brother, who still didn’t want her to join his gang, though. Now he presents her with a challenge: if she can manage to steal a magical belt of a bride on her wedding night, he will share the profits with her and finally accept her into the gang. Madis takes him up on the challenge and puts together her team.

A Hazardous Engagement is a fun all-female heist story. Entertaining and light, I really wouldn’t have minded if it had been more than just a novella.

The book cover showing black and white drawings of knights.
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