This Little Love of Mine (2021)

This Little Love of Mine
Director: Christine Luby
Writer: Georgia Harrison
Cast: Saskia Hampele, Liam McIntyre, Lynn Gilmartin, Craig Horner, Lawrence Ola, Rajan Velu, Monette Lee, Martin Portus
Seen on: 22.7.2022

Content Note: colonialism

Laura (Saskia Hampele) is an up and coming lawyer, hoping to finally become a partner in her lawfirm. When billionaire Graham (Martin Portus) wants to hire her, it looks like she can finally can get everything she ever dreamed off. She grew up with Graham’s grandson Chip (Liam McIntyre) on a beautiful island. Graham needs Chip to take over the company, but Chip won’t sign the necessary paperwork. So Laura flies back home to her island to convince Chip. Once there, she realizes how much she missed home – and Chip.

This Little Love of Mine is a cute RomCom that does exactly what you think it will do. To enjoy it, you have to stomach though that on this tropical island, we can barely see a person of color which is superweird.

The movie poster showing Laura (Saskia Hampele) leaning against a palm tree on the beach and Chip (Liam McIntyre) leaning against her.
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Rip Tide (2017)

Rip Tide
Director: Rhiannon Bannenberg
Writer: Georgia Harrison
Cast: Debby Ryan, Genevieve Hegney, Andrew Creer, Naomi Sequeira, Valerie Bader, Aaron Jeffery, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Danielle Carter
Seen on: 5.12.2019

Cora (Debby Ryan) is a successful model, but always in her mother Sofia’s (Danielle Carter) shadow as Sofia herself runs a modeling agency. When an embarassing video surfaces of Cora, she decides to leave New York and visit her aunt Margot (Genevieve Hegney) in Australia until things die down. Margot used to be a pro surfer, but now she runs a surf shop and school – and she’s struggling. With Cora’s arrival, things get shaken up – both for Margot and for Cora.

Rip Tide is nothing special. It tells a familiar tale and it doesn’t tell it particularly well. But there’s still some entertainment to be had and I’m pretty sure that pre-teens will gobble it up.

The film poster showing Cora (Debby Ryan) in fashionable clothes with a surfboard in her hand.
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