Big Ass Spider (2013)

Big Ass Spider
Director: Mike Mendez
Writer: Gregory Gieras
Cast: Greg Grunberg, Clare Kramer, Lombardo Boyar, Ray Wise
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

Alex (Greg Grunberg) is an exterminator barely scraping by. During one of his jobs, he gets bitten and has to go to the hospital. While he’s there, he hears that they have a spider problem and sees the perfect opportunity not to have to pay the hospital bill. Little does he know, though, that the spider he’s hunting is not a normal spider. So he doesn’t even back down when the military gets involved.

Big Ass Spider is fun. It doesn’t take anything seriously but rather jokes its way through the plot (that could be potentially horrifying if you’d play it straight). It’s not a problem-free experience, but Greg Grunberg is charming enough that you almost don’t notice.


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