Chick Flick #61545132

I’ve been kind of in a chick flick mood for these past weeks, therefore you’ll get the review of yet another one – August Rush. (For my defense, I managed to squeeze in Harsh Times as well, which was very good, very disturbing and had a very good cast – Christian Bale and Freddy Rodriguez aka the fighting midget from Planet Terror at their best.) 

August Rush was really, really very nice. The music was wonderful, especially the parts where Lyla’s (Keri Russell) cello playing overlapped with Louis’ (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) rock-ish music. I knew Meyers could sing ever since Velvet Goldmine – which is also a very good movie, so go and see it if you haven’t already – but this was a nice reminder. I don’t know if Keri Russell played the cello herself, so no comment on that. Freddie Highmore is cute as always, I can’t believe he’s going to be sixteen in Febuary…
Anyway, back to the topic. The plot was predictable and not really innovative, but who cares when it’s so nice to watch it anyway. The good guys except for the main characters were all black, a must-have in modern, PC films, which doesn’t bother me, just an observation. Robin Williams brought us one of his best performances ever (why, oh why did he do License to Wed? And why, oh why did I watch it?), and seemed to have fun doing it.
So, altogether it was mindless, it was good entertainment but as romantic films go there are better out there.


I just watched the two Grindhouse movies.

Planet Terror actually met the German standard of Grind (meaning disgusting stuff). Man, that was a gore fest. Some scenes were pretty cool, I liked the helicopter-slicing-zombies-thing and when Josh Brolin gets the pus in his face (twice) I really had to wretch. Insofar, it was really good. But I think what will stay with me the longest is the question: How does Cherry’s (Rose McGowan) machine gun leg know when to shoot? She never pulls a trigger on this thing. Is it a telepathic gun?

Death Proof was fun. I really liked it, it had the usual Tarantino-dialogues which may be nothing new, but they are always good. I also liked that it had two parts, it felt like it was a “what if” situation, especially because in the beginning, some of the dialogue is the same and the way the girls sit in the car etc.

Summarising: Death Proof worth watching though not the best Tarantino (I still think that’s Reservoir Dogs). Planet Terror only if you are a huge fan of gore and fighting midgets (Freddy Rodriguez. Don’t take this personally but 1,68m is not tall…).