The Pack (2015)

The Pack
Director: Nick Robertson
Writer: Evan Randall Green
Cast: Jack Campbell, Anna Lise Phillips, Katie MooreHamish Phillips
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 26.9.2015
[Reviews by cornholio and Maynard.]

The Wilsons are trying their best to stay afloat. But Carla’s (Anna Lise Phillips) vet business is not going too strong and Adam’s (Jack Campbell) farming is severely threatened by the fact that his cows have been attacked by wild animals and more than one has been torn apart. But the real fight for survival starts when a pack of feral dogs lays siege to their farm house.

Do you know those medieval illustrations of lions done by people who have never actually seen a lion? The Pack has an equal accurate grasp of how dogs are, making the film ridiculous from the get go. But its laughability is then increased by the sheer stupidity of everyone in the film, making it amazing to watch in a perverse, self-punishing way that is not as much fun as it should be.

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