Rosi, Kurt und Koni [Rosi, Kurt and Koni] (2014)

Rosi, Kurt und Koni
Director: Hanne Lassl
Writer: Hanne Lassl
Seen on: 13.7.2015

Rosi, Kurt and Koni are three Austrians who never properly learned to read and write; functional analphabets. The movie chronicles their attempts to master those skills in their adult life and generally, how they navigate in a society that supposes that everybody can read and write, even though it is estimated that about a million Austrians (one eighth of our population) are unable to do so sufficiently.

Rosi, Kurt and Koni chooses the personal experience of the three over expert interviews or research into hard facts. That’s what makes it especially fascinating, though I do admit that I sometimes wanted a little more meta information that we got.

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