Fantastic Shorts Competition at the /slash Filmfestival 2017

A short note on all the short films at the /slash Filmfestival 2017 that were part of the Fantastic Shorts Competition. The winner was Rémy Rondeau for his short J’aime Eva Marsh.
Seen on: 22.9.2017, 25.9.2017, 26.9.2017

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Blutsfreundschaft [Initiation] (2009)

Blutsfreundschaft (which actually means blood friendship, as in a friendship bound by a blood oath, and not initiation) is the newest movie by Austrian director Peter Kern and stars Helmut Berger, Harry Lampl and Melanie Kretschmann.

Axel (Harry Lampl) is pretty alone and kind of lost. More by coincidence than actual conviction, he starts to hang out with a group of neonazis. When they attack a group of people and Axel accidentally kills one of them, he finds a refuge in Gustav (Helmut Berger), a gay laundry owner. Axel reminds Gustav of an old lover of his, so while Gustav tries to save Axel from the neonazis and himself, he unrolls his own past with the nazis.

This movie was pretty much ridiculous, I’m sorry to say. The plot, the portrayal of the neonazis, the portrayal of Gustav and Axel… It was all too much like a caricature to actually work. And why Helmut Berger was ever considered one of the great actors is so not clear from this film…

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