City Lights (1931) + Timothy Brock and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

City Lights
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Writer: Charlie Chaplin
Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Harry Myers, Hank Mann
Part of: Film and Music Cycle in the Konzerthaus
With music by: Timothy Brock, played by the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

A Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) falls deeply in love with a blind Flower Seller (Virginia Cherrill), so much so that he even spends his last money to buy a flower off of her. The girl mistakes him for a rich man though, which at first seems irrelevant. But when the Tramp meets the Millionaire (Harry Myers) – by keeping him from committing suicide – he is rewarded for it, though not always reliably, and starts to make the girl’s life easier whereever he can by courting her as a rich man.

City Lights is a wonderful film – in equal parts funny and touching. And Brock’s music is beautiful and really sets the mood for the entire thing.

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