Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology (Ed. by Tricia Reeks and Kyle Richardson)

Behind the Mask is an anthology of superhero stories edited by Tricia Reeks and Kyle Richardson.
Finished on: 29.1.2018
[I won this book as an uncorrected ARC in a Librarything Early Reviewer giveaway.]

Behind the Mask is a very entertaining anthology. Of course, there are stories that worked better for me than others, but overall, I had a lot of fun with the various takes on superheroes in this, stretching from origin stories to questions of inheritance, from every day obstacles to big fights.

After the jump, there’s more about each of the stories separately.

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Director: Sandra Selimović
Writer: Marianne Strauhs
Cast: Cristina Ablinger, Simonida Selimović, Denise Teipel, Jörg Waltenberger
Seen on: 28.01.2015

Three women are detained in Austria, waiting for their deportation or a miracle that their request for asylum is granted after all. Anaïss (Denise Teipel) is shy and reluctant and seems barely able to have fought her way from Iran to Austria. Saida (Simonida Selimović) seems the complete opposite of her – mouthy and aggressive she swaggers through the cell and doesn’t want to disclose where she’s from. The two of them are joined by Milena (Cristina Ablinger), a Romni from Kosovo who arrives with a huge make-up bag. Despite their very different origins and reasons for leaving their own countries, and despite inital antagonism, the three of them start to grow closer.

Heroes is the rare case of a small production in a small theater where you actually discover something wonderful. It’s a smart play with a wonderful cast that has something to say and does – without sacrificing the entertainment for it.

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So, it’s pretty much official. They’ve cancelled another two TV shows I like. No more Pushing Daisies. No more Eli Stone.

Though I have to admit that Pushing Daisies hit me harder. Now, my only consolation can be that Bryan Fuller said he would return to writing for Heroes, if Pushing Daisies got cancelled. Maybe he can make Heroes into a show I actually enjoy watching, instead of one I constantly beat myself up over because I can’t quit it.

But I seriously should stop watching shows I like the minute I realise that I like them. Maybe then, they will stay on longer…

I’m Not Convinced

Heroes, when it started, pulled me right in. I really, really loved this show. I was addicted and I watched all of the first season in about a week (and it only took me that long because one of the episode wasn’t working and I had to download it again, but through the worst internet connection ever).

The second season, as we all know, wasn’t that good anymore. Then came the writer’s strike and gave Season II probably the weirdest ending in the history of mutants. So, I kind of had mixed feelings for the third season that just started. But honestly, excitement was stronger. I preferred to think of the strike as a period of respite for the writers, who will consequently write better afterwards.

But after the first episodes, I’m afraid that that won’t happen. I’ll still keep watching, at least for a while. But I’m a bit disappointed.

[If you haven’t watched it and don’t want to wait, here’s a complete recap – including all spoilers, of course – of episodes 1+2 and of episode 3.]


The whole Mohinder storyline sucks big time. It’s so not Mohinder to try the serum on himself. And then it’s pure cliché that he will become some kind of weird … thing.
There they went and character assassinated my favourite character. (To be fair, they started that in the second season.)
[At least we got to see him without his shirt, which was nice.]

Which brings me to Mohinder and Maya… If the whole mutation thing is something to do with adrenalin, then having sex with Maya is pretty much out of the question. She would kill him. And yeah, she’s pretty hot yaddayadda, but not really to die for, right?

And why do you go and destroy Ando and Hiro??? Not okay! (Btw., it is so clear that Hiro will turn out to be the bad guy in this version of the future he saw.)

And Claire is even more SPE-SHUL than special? Seriously? Necessary?
[And another thing, how come Claire nearly suffocates because her biomum burns all the oxygen, but biomum doesn’t even start to breathe heavily? Doesn’t she need oxygen to survive?]

And why does FuturePeter have a scar? That bothered me in the first season already: He has healing powers like Claire, there should not be a scar.

And what is PresentPeter doing? Why didn’t he just leave the bad guys?

And the whole Tracy-thing… So not feeling it. [I had completely forgotten the whole Niki was engineered and it was arranged for her to meet DL story… how many more Nikis are there?]

Sylar being Peter’s and Nathan’s (half?) brother? I hope that’s just a trick from Angela, because it doesn’t make sense. Like at all.

There were a hundred little things like that. I don’t know if it’s a good sign that I still care or a bad sign that everything leaves me annoyed.

What did you guys think?

Just My Luck

What is it with me and TV shows? Recently, everytime I discover a new show, it ends up getting cancelled.

First, there was Moonlight. *sniff*

Now, I started getting into Men in Trees, because my sister watches it with almost religious fervour. And I like this show. It’s sweet and funny. It won’t be my favourite show of all times, but it’s really nice.

So, I watched the first two seasons and went to imdb to see, when the third one would be out. And guess what? Yeah. No third season for me. Or anybody else.

At least, they had some kind of closure for my favourite characters – Jane (Seana Kofoed) and Sam (Ty Olsson). But other characters were not that lucky… *sigh*

(Oh, btw… Wasn’t Anne Heche gay a couple of years ago? Obviously, she isn’t anymore, as she’s dating her co-star James Tupper. [And boy, he’s HAWT.] And she’s just getting divorced.)

Anyway… it’s not like there’s no shows to watch anymore… Pushing Daisies and Heroes will start soon again and Eureka already did, so that’s good.

And you know what? You should keep an eye on Bryan Fuller, as I will in the future. He’s responsible for Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls (which I haven’t seen yet), and he wrote two episodes of Heroes and a lot of Star Trek stuff. Very good credentials.