Hogfather (Terry Pratchett)

Hogfather by Terry Pratchett is the second Discworld book about Susan Sto Helit. [My reviews of the other Discworld novels here.]

The guild of assassins gets a special assignment: their next target it the Hogfather, right before Hogswatchnight. The guild director hands the task over to Mr. Teatime who is on it with the perfect mix of relentlessness and crazy. Death who notices that things are going wrong, decides to take over for the Hogfather. And then Susan – who has taken on a rather quite job of being a governess and would like to keep it that way – also gets involved to save the Hogfather since his death has ramifications nobody could have predicted.

After Soul Music was pretty lukewarm for me, Hogfather again reminded me why I’m still reading the Discworld novels. It’s funny and intelligent. I loved it.

[Vaguely spoilery.]

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