God’s Own Country (2017)

God’s Own Country
Director: Francis Lee
Writer: Francis Lee
Cast: Josh O’ConnorAlec Secareanu, Ian Hart, Gemma Jones, Harry Lister Smith
Seen on: 8.11.2017

Johnny (Josh O’Connor) lives with his parents Deirdre (Gemma Jones) and Martin (Ian Hart) on their farm. They spend their days working hard and at night, Johnny takes off to the local bar where he drinks way too much and hooks up with random strangers. But when Romanian farm hand Gheorghe (Alex Secareanu) makes his way to the farm, it pushes Johnny on a new, unexpected path.

God’s Own Country is a beautiful, touching film with great characters and a gay love story that actually gets to have a happy ending which is way too rare. I really loved it.

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Land and Freedom (1995)

Land and Freedom
Director: Ken Loach
Writer: Jim Allen
Cast: Ian Hart, Rosana Pastor, Icíar Bollaín, Tom Gilroy, Marc Martínez, Frédéric Pierrot
Seen on: 17.03.2015

After the death of her grandfather, Kim (Suzanne Maddock) finds a box with letters and a red handkerchief filled with earth. Kim starts to piece together the years just before the Second World War started in the life of her grandfather: David (Ian Hart) is unemployed and very political. Since he feels that he can’t further the communist cause in the UK, he decides to leave Liverpool and head to Spain to fight the fascists. He joins one of the paramilitary groups, the POUM and starts fighting after a very short training. But his idealism and the idealism of his co-fighters is tested in many ways.

Land and Freedom was not so much a great film, as a great political discussion caught on camera. I really enjoyed it, especially since I’m being pushed further on further left with every day that passes. (You’d think that I’d be getting mellower with age, but screw that. You’d also think that you’d grow more cynical and less idealistic with age, but screw that even harder.)

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