Ancillary Mercy (Ann Leckie)

Ancillary Mercy is the final novel in the Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie.
Finished on: 25.9.2020
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Breq seems to be doing just fine on Athoek Station. Things are calm. But it’s a fragile calm that starts to get disrupted when she finds a stowaway on the station who shouldn’t exist. Plus, a new Presger translator, Zeiat, arrives at Athoek Station to inquire about the old translator. And Breq’s enemy, the ruler of the Radchaai Empire, Anaander Mianaai, approaches the Station as well. Things are coming to a head and decisions will have to be made.

This is such a satisfying series, I can hardly believe it is over now. Ancillary Mercy brings a great trilogy to a fantastic ending that ties everything up nicely and confirms the core messages the story has been sending so far, without feeling hamfisted.

The book cover, showing the drawing of a small spaceship as it approaches a much larger one. Behind them the surface of a planet or moon can be seen.
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Ancillary Sword (Ann Leckie)

Ancillary Sword is the second novel in the Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie.
Finished on: 17.7.2020
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Breq is now the captain of the Mercy of Kalr and she is supposed to the remote Athoek system to see what’s going on there – a mission she gladly accepts because Awn’s sister Basnaaid is there as well. Not that Anaander Mianaai, the Lord of the Radch, left her much choice. She also forced Breq to take on a young lieutenant, Tisarwat, for the mission. But something is off about Tisarwat. And there is also something strange going on in Athoek. Breq is determined to see that justice is restored for everyone.

Ancillary Sword is much less plot-driven and much more character-driven than Ancillary Justice. This change of pace may not agree with everyone, but it certainly agreed with me: I am very content with just deep-diving into Breq’s personality.

The book cover showing a spaceship over a space station.
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Ancillary Justice (Ann Leckie)

Ancillary Justice is the first novel in the Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie.
Finished on: 11.3.2020

Breq is what remains of the spaceship Justice of Toren‘s Artificial Intelligence – an ancillary, a fragment of the AI in a human body. Justice of Toren was one of many warships that were used in the conquest of all of the human plantes to bring the into the Radch empire. Now Breq, haunted by memories of her last Lieutenant and the entire ship, is alone on a remote, icy planet where she stumbles upon Seivarden, former Captain, who was lost for a thousand years. Seivarden is on the brink of death and Breq can’t bring herself to leave him, even if it might hamper her plans. Because Breq definitely has a plan.

Ancillary Justice is such a good read, building from a great concept to draw you into its complex world and then just not letting you go. It’s not the easiest of SciFi, but it’s more than just worth it.

The book cover showing two spaceships over a moon.
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