Things Heard & Seen (2021)

Things Heard & Seen
Director: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini
Writer: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini
Based on: Elizabeth Brundage’s novel All Things Cease to Appear
Cast: James Norton, Amanda Seyfried, Rhea Seehorn, Natalia Dyer, Ana Sophia Heger, Karen Allen, F. Murray Abraham, Alex Neustaedter, Jack Gore, James Urbaniak
Seen on: 6.7.2021

Content Note: domestic violence, abuse, eating disorder

George (James Norton), Catherine (Amanda Seyfried) and their daughter Franny (Ana Sophia Heger) move from New York City to a small town where George was offered a teaching position at a small art college. Catherine, an artist herself, is reluctant about the move, but feels that she owes it to George to try. And Franny will probably enjoy living in a house with a garden. But after their arrival, Catherine gets the feeling that something is going on at their house, and with George.

Things Heard & Seen is a haunted house story in a double sense: it’s literally haunted by spirits, and figuratively haunted by the violence that occurs in it. This works surprisingly well together, though I didn’t like the ending all that much.

The film poster showing Catherine (Amanda Seyfried) superimposed over a house in the distance. Much smaller next to her face is George (James Norton) carrying their daughter Franny (Ana Sophia Heger).
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We Are What We Are (2013)

We Are What We Are
Director: Jim Mickle
Writer: Nick Damici, Jim Mickle
Remake of: Somos lo que hay
Cast: Julia Garner, Ambyr Childers, Jack Gore, Bill Sage, Kelly McGillis, Wyatt Russell, Michael Parks
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

After the death of their mother, Rose (Julia Garner), Iris (Ambyr Childers) and Rory (Jack Gore) are left behind with their father Frank (Bill Sage). They live a very reclusive and ultra-religious lifestyle that includes ritualistic cannibalism – something that Rose and Iris find facing themselves now that their mother is dead.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed by the film. I really liked the original and I heard good things about Mickle’s take but in the end, despite several strengths, it felt overly long and I had the feeling like it didn’t actually know what story it told.


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