The Light Between Oceans (2016)

The Light Between Oceans
Director: Derek Cianfrance
Writer: Derek Cianfrance
Based on: M.L. Stedman’s novel
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, Rachel Weisz, Florence Clery, Jack Thompson, Thomas Unger, Anthony Hayes, Benedict Hardie
Seen on: 20.9.2016

Tom (Michael Fassbender) has signed up to be the lighthouse keeper on a small island just off the coast of a small town in Australia. On the rare occasions that he gets to come to the main land and see people, he meets Isabel (Alicia Vikander) and they quickly fall in love. Isabel is happy to lead the solitary lighthouse keeper life with Tom and would love nothing more than a baby. Much to her chagrin, she keeps miscarrying though, so it feels like fate when a boat with a baby washes up on their island during a storm. Tom only wants to see Isabel happy, so he agrees to keep the child. But when they hear of Hannah (Rachel Weisz) whose husband and child were lost during the storm, they will have to make a decision.

The Light Between Oceans is one of the cheesiest films I ever saw. It’s high-quality cheese, no doubt about it, but it was all a little too much for me, ultimately keeping me at a distance.

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Wake in Fright (1971)

Wake in Fright
Director: Ted Kotcheff
Writer: Evan Jones
Based on: Kenneth Cook‘s novel
Cast: Gary Bond, Donald Pleasence, Chips Rafferty, Sylvia Kay, Jack Thompson
Part of: /slash Christmas special
Seen on: 17.12.2015

John Grant (Gary Bond) works as a teacher in the middle of nowhere. He hates it, but he has to work of his debts. Fortunately the Christmas holidays are approaching and John can return to Sidney to see his fiancée. But first he hast to take the train to the next bigger town. There he meets Jock (Chips Rafferty), a police man, who keeps inviting him for drinks and finally John starts to gamble, promptly losing all his money. Now stranded, he gets swept up in a drunken, violent haze.

Wake in Fright did not work for me. I thought that the social criticism – most of what made the movie worthwhile in the first place – fell short and remained superficial. Instead of engaging, the movie was mostly just exhausting.



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