Hippocrate [Hippocrates] (2014)

Director: Thomas Lilti
Writer: Pierre Chosson, Baya Kasmi, Julien Lilti, Thomas Lilti
Cast: Vincent LacosteReda Kateb, Jacques Gamblin, Marianne Denicourt, Félix Moati, Carole Franck
Part of: Scope 50
Seen on: 20.02.2015

Benjamin (Vincent Lacoste) just started his doctor’s training at the hospital where his father (Jacques Gamblin) is a renowned surgeon. Benjamin goes in full of confidence and immediately butts heads with Abdel (Reda Kateb) who already has substantial experience as a doctor in Algeria, but for nostrification purposes has to go through training again and who doesn’t think much of Benjamin’s view of himself. And when a patient dies on Benjamin’s watch and due to Benjamin’s error, Benjamin starts to question himself as well.

Hippocrate has a pretty realistic view on the everyday experiences of doctors (as far as I can tell – I’m no doctor myself, but my sister and a close friend are), probably due to the fact that Lilti himself trained as doctor. But unfortunately he chose the wrong character as the protagonist. Generally more could have been made of the film, but what we got was also nice.

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Enfin veuve [A Widow At Last] (2007)

Enfin veuve is a French movie by Isabelle Mergault, starring Michèle Laroque, Jacques Gamblin and Tom Morton.

For years, Anne-Marie [Michèle Laroque] and Léo [Jacques Gamblin] had had an affair. But Anne-Marie never had the courage to leave her husband Gilbert [Wladimir Yordanoff]. Now, Léo gets a job offer in Asia somewhere [I don’t remember, I think it was Japan…]. They decide to go away together. But then Anne-Marie’s husband dies in a car accident and instead of being liberated by that, Gilbert’s whole family turns up to support the grieving widow and Anne-Marie is forced to pretend to grief.

If you overlook the very strained premise of the plot and some logical mistakes in the story, Enfin veuve is an amusing movie that makes for an entertaining, uneventful evening.


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