No Light and No Land Anywhere (2016)

No Light and No Land Anywhere
Director: Amber Sealey
Writer: Amber Sealey
Cast: Gemma Brockis, Jennifer Lafleur, David Sullivan, Kent Osborne, Jade Sealey, Richard Sealey, Deborah Dopp
Seen on: 27.4.2021

Lexi (Gemma Brockis) has left London in a hurry. After her mother’s death and with her marriage crumbling, she decided to go to Los Angeles to find her father. He left her mother and her when Lexi was just three years old and she hasn’t seen him since. But there are a couple of breadcrumbs that she can follow. She rents a room in a seedy motel and starts the search.

No Light and No Land Anywhere isn’t always easy to watch but that’s just because it is so effective in transporting Lexi’s emotions. So, even if it isn’t easy, it’s certainly worth to work for it.

The film poster showing a close-up of Lexi (Gemma Brockis) with tears in her eyes, all in shades of pink.
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6 Years (2015)

6 Years
Director: Hannah Fidell
Writer: Hannah Fidell
Cast: Taissa FarmigaBen RosenfieldLindsay BurdgeJoshua LeonardJennifer Lafleur
Seen on: 3.8.2016

Melanie (Taissa Farmiga) and Dan (Ben Rosenfield) have been together since they were kids and are still very much in love. Now an exciting new time has begun for both of them. Dan works as an intern for a record label and Melanie started college. But the changes to their lives start to disrupt their relationship, and rather violently at that. Will they be able to work things out or do they have to face the fact that their more adult selves will go their separate ways?

The question of what happens to a relationship when the people involved undergo big transformations – will they develop in the same direction or rather grow apart? – is interesting, and in a coming of age context it seems particularly intriguing. But unfortunately 6 Years couldn’t really sustain my initial interest.

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The Midnight Swim (2014)

The Midnight Swim
Director: Sarah Adina Smith
Writer: Sarah Adina Smith
Cast: Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur, Aleksa Palladino, Ross Partridge, Beth Grant
Part of: FrauenFilmTage
Seen on: 01.03.2015

After experienced diver Amelia Brooks (Beth Grant) disappears in the lake next to her house – a lake that is so deep, no diver has ever reached the bottom – her estranged daughters June (Lindsay Burdge), Annie (Jennifer Lafleur) and Isa (Aleksa Palladino) travel to her home next to the lake. They want to say good-bye to both their mother and the house where they spent, their childhood and reconnect with each other as well. But when they invoke the spirit of the Seven Sisters – a local legend – their days and nights there turn a little eerie.

I absolutely fell in love with The Midnight Swim. It’s one of my favorite movies this year, at least so far (but I can hardly imagine that it wouldn’t make a Top 10 list at the end of the year). It is so many things at once – from family drama to horror film – but it also doesn’t fit into any of those categories comfortably. But it doesn’t matter, because it is an absolutely magical experience either way.

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