Le tableau [The Painting] (2011)

Le tableau
Director: Jean-François Laguionie
Writer: Jean-François Laguionie, Anik Leray
Cast: Julien Bouanich, Jessica Monceau, Adrien Larmande, Chloé Berthier, Thomas Sagols, Thierry Jahn, Magali Rosenzweig, Céline Ronté
Part of: Anilogue

Lola (Jessica Monceau) lives in an unfinished painting. In that painting, there’s a definite hierarchy: the finished characters live the good live, while the half-finisheds like Lola live more or less in hiding. Though they are still lucky compared to the sketches who get hunted down. Lola’s best friend, half-finished Claire (Chloé Berthier) is in love with the finished Ramo (Julien Bouanich) and vice versa, a love that is frowned upon strongly. As circumstances will have it, Lola, Ramo and the sketch Plume (Thierry Jahn) find themselves on the run from the finished – a flight that leads them right out of the painting and on an adventure to find their painter and ask him to finish them.

Le tableau has an intriguing premise but unfortunately the movie just doesn’t deliver. Anything. It was badly drawn, badly animated, badly spoken and badly written. I actually fell asleep during the screening – and rarely have I been so glad to miss out on half an hour of a film.


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