Grease is a musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey that is currently on tour in a new German production. I caught it in the Stadthalle in Wien.

Danny (Lars Redlich) and Sandy (Joana Fee Würz) met during their summer holidays and fell in love. They didn’t think they would see each other again, but when school starts, Sandy has changed to Danny’s high school. But now their two worlds – Sandy’s very conventional and goody-two-shoes one and Danny’s more rebellious one – collide and makes it hard for them to really enjoy themselves. As if high school wasn’t difficult enough anyway.

I’m a huge fan of the movie but I had never seen the stage version before, so I was really surprised by all the changes the movie made to the original. But honestly, they were good changes and the stage version should have incroporated them as well. But nevertheless, it’s entertaining.

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