Morrer Como um Homem [To Die Like a Man] (2009)

Morrer Como um Homem is a movie by Portuguese film maker João Pedro Rodrigues, starring Fernando Santos, Alexander David and Gonçalo Ferreira De Almeida.

Tonia (Fernando Santos) is the ageing star of a drag show in Lisbon. She has a young (drug-addicted) lover, Rosário (Alexander David) and a son, Zé Maria, (Chandra Malatitch) in trouble. She feels the pressure around her for completing a sex change, but – being very catholic – she isn’t sure whether she should really do it. To get away from it all, she goes on a road trip with Rosário.

There’s much that was done right in the movie, but also much that did go wrong. There were some nice, surreal moments, but also a lot of stereotypes. Tonia is a great character, but her son and the plot revolving around him was unnecessary and disturbed the rest of the film. In the end, the movie seemed to be trying to hard to really get it right.

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