Just One Damned Thing After Another (Jodi Taylor)

Just One Damned Thing After Another is the first novel in the Chronicles of St Mary’s by Jodi Taylor.
Finished on: 17.10.2019

Madeleine Maxwell, called Max, is a historian who – at the suggestion of her teacher – applies to St. Mary’s Institute of Historical Research, an odd little institute with promising research. As usual in academia, the working conditions don’t exactly sound great. But it is only after Max actually gets the job that she realizes what it actually entails: actual time travel to observe events in real time.

A friend recommended this series to me as pulpy fun, but I have to admit that I couldn’t really get into it – I got hung up on the pulpy bits so much that I didn’t manage to get to the fun.

The book cover showing a burning antique city and a watchface that is not a circle but a spiral.
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