Rock Angel (Jody French)

Rock Angel is a novel by Jody French.
Finished on: 9.1.2020
[I won this book in a librarything Early Reviewer give-away.]

Content Note: domestic violence, racism

Emily has two gifts that help her get through the memories of her traumatic childhood: she can see people’s auras and she can sing. When her crush Matt (a cool blue) actually asks her to be in his band, Emily can’t believe it. Supported by her best friend Rachel (an energetic, volatile red), Emily gives it a try and is suprised how well she fits in with the other band members Patrick (a caring purple), Zeb (a creative green) and Matt (an unreliable orange). Together, they create something good and their success pushes Emily in directions she didn’t expect. She has to figure out if they are directions she actually likes.

Rock Angel is not the best written novel, but it’s a fine, quick read. Despite some nice characters, there were a couple of things I did struggle with, though – especially the racism.

The book cover showing a girl with long blond hair, a leather jacket and a guitar.
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