The Quarterback’s Crush (John R. Petrie)

The Quarterback’s Crush is a novel by John R. Petrie.
[I got this book from a LibraryThing Early Reviewer Give-Away.]
Finished on: 20.11.2018

Dylan knows exactly what he wants: to finish high school, to get a football scholarship, go to college and then come out to his friends and family from the safety of distance. But when his grades start slipping, he might lose it all. So he asks Tommy for help, the smartest guy in school and also, unnervingly, exactly Dylan’s type. But Tommy doesn’t appear to be interested and in his desperation, Dylan accidentally tells his team that he is gay, disrupting all of his plans and setting him up for a major readjustment – and a fight for Tommy’s heart.

The Quarterback’s Crush really is pure sugar. It has sweet characters, a healthy dose of escapism and goes down like nothing. I blazed through it and enjoyed every second.

The book cover shoing three guys, one in a nerdy outfit, a baseball player and a football player.
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