Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins
Director: Richard Eyre
Writer: Julian Fellowes (book), Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman (original music and lyrics), George Stiles, Anthony Drewe (additional music and lyrics)
Based on: the Disney movie, which is in turn based on P.L. Traversbooks
Cast: Annemieke Van Dam, David Boyd, Fiona Bella Imnitzer, Katharina Kemp, Filippa Lengyel, Meta Schumy, Moritz Krainz, David Paul Mannhart, Lorenz Pojer, Jonas Zeiler, Reinwald Kranner, Milica Jovanovic, Sandra Pires

The Banks family have troubles with their nannies. The children Jane (Fiona Bella Imnitzer, Filippa Lengyel, Katharina Kemp, Meta Schumy – depending on the day) and Michael (Moritz Krainz, David Paul Mannhart, Lorenz Pojer, Jonas Zeiler – depending on the day) are out of control, chasing one nanny after the other away. Their father George (Reinwald Kranner) believes that they need a stricter hand, while their mother Winifred (Milica Jovanovic) is generally caught up in her own world. But then Mary Poppins (Annemieke Van Dam) shows up and takes on the entire family with the help of multitalent Bert (David Boyd) and a dash of magic.

The production of Mary Poppings does a good job of translating the film to the stage, though not all changes are for the better (and I don’t remember the books that vividly, but I think that they moved even further away from them). I enjoyed watching it.


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