Los hongos (2014)

Los hongos (literally translates to “the Mushrooms”, apparently)
Director: Oscar Ruiz Navia
Writer: Oscar Ruiz Navia
Cast: Jovan Alexis MarquinezCalvin BuenaventuraAtala EstradaGustavo Ruiz MontoyaMaría Elvira Solis
Part of: Viennale

Ras (Jovan Alexis Marquinez) and Calvin (Calvin Buenaventura) move through the streets of Bogota, always looking for paint and walls to apply that paint on. Both aren’t easy to come by as neither of them has any money and street art is illegal. When an opportunity presents itself to work with some of the most famous street artists in Colombia on a joint mural, they start conceptualizing their part with enthusiasm, wanting to combine political messages and art. But such a mural isn’t easily done.

Los hongos tells an interesting, very political story that gives the impression that you really get a good window in that slice of Colombian life, but left me with a very unclear take-away.


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