Fantasy Magazine 52

Fantasy Magazine 52 is the July 2011 issue, edited by John Joseph Adams. It contains four short stories and four non-fiction pieces.
Finished on: 25.8.2019

This issue of Fantasy Magazine was split right down the middle for me – the first half (two short stories, 1.5 non-fiction pieces) didn’t work for me that well, but the second half was really good with two great short stories and two non-fiction pieces that I really enjoyed.

The magazine cover showing an elf reading, surrounded by birds.
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Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology (Ed. by Tricia Reeks and Kyle Richardson)

Behind the Mask is an anthology of superhero stories edited by Tricia Reeks and Kyle Richardson.
Finished on: 29.1.2018
[I won this book as an uncorrected ARC in a Librarything Early Reviewer giveaway.]

Behind the Mask is a very entertaining anthology. Of course, there are stories that worked better for me than others, but overall, I had a lot of fun with the various takes on superheroes in this, stretching from origin stories to questions of inheritance, from every day obstacles to big fights.

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Pretty Monsters (Kelly Link)

Pretty Monsters is a short story collection by Kelly Link, with illustrations by Shaun Tan.

Pretty Monsters is a wonderful collection, sometimes eerie, sometimes funny and always beautifully written. All stories are fantastic/science-fictional but all in very different ways, showing the (apparent) ease with which Link changes styles and narrative voices. She’s also really good at balancing humor and big (and often sad) issues. Tan’s illustrations (at the beginning of each story) perfectly capture the atmospheres as well. I might not have liked all the stories equally well, but there was no story I didn’t like.

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