No Light and No Land Anywhere (2016)

No Light and No Land Anywhere
Director: Amber Sealey
Writer: Amber Sealey
Cast: Gemma Brockis, Jennifer Lafleur, David Sullivan, Kent Osborne, Jade Sealey, Richard Sealey, Deborah Dopp
Seen on: 27.4.2021

Lexi (Gemma Brockis) has left London in a hurry. After her mother’s death and with her marriage crumbling, she decided to go to Los Angeles to find her father. He left her mother and her when Lexi was just three years old and she hasn’t seen him since. But there are a couple of breadcrumbs that she can follow. She rents a room in a seedy motel and starts the search.

No Light and No Land Anywhere isn’t always easy to watch but that’s just because it is so effective in transporting Lexi’s emotions. So, even if it isn’t easy, it’s certainly worth to work for it.

The film poster showing a close-up of Lexi (Gemma Brockis) with tears in her eyes, all in shades of pink.
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Uncle Kent 2 (2015)

Uncle Kent 2
Director: Joe Swanberg (the first 10 minutes or so), Todd Rohal (the rest)
Writer: Kent Osborne
Sequel to: Uncle Kent
Cast: Kent Osborne, Joe Swanberg, Steve Little, Jennifer Prediger, Kate Herman, Lyndsay Hailey, [SPOILER] ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 19.9.2015
[Reviews by cornholio and Maynard.]

Kent (Kent Osborne) is dreaming of a seqel to Uncle Kent, a film he shot together with his nephew Joe (Joe Swanberg). But Joe isn’t interested in doing sequels, so he refers Kent to a friend. But Kent might have other things to worry about anyway. He’s about to travel to San Diego Comic Con, although his doctor (Steve Little) asks him not to because there’s something wrong with him. But Kent goes anyway. Things there become weirder and weirder. So weird, in fact, it might just be the end of the world.

I really enjoyed Uncle Kent 2. It goes into a completely different direction from the first film, but it’s a turn I could go along with without problem.

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Uncle Kent (2011)

Uncle Kent
Director: Joe Swanberg
Writer: Kent Osborne, Joe Swanberg
Cast: Kent Osborne, Jennifer PredigerJosephine Decker, Joe Swanberg
Seen on: 16.9.2015

Kent (Kent Osborne) is working on an animated film. His life is rather withdrawn. He gets occasional visits from his nephew Joe (Joe Swanberg) and otherwise spends a lot of time online. Direct personal encounters usually end rather awkwardly. Through ChatRoulette he meets Kate (Jennifer Prediger). Since she has to spend the weekend in the city, Kent offers that she can stay at his place. Kate accepts. Although she has a boyfriend, it becomes clear pretty quickly that Kent would like their meeting to become romantic.

Uncle Kent is a weird film, somewhere between fiction and reality. I probably would have never seen it, if the /slash Filmfestival hadn’t announced that they’d be showing the sequel. But I am glad I did.


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