Jongens [Boys] (2014)

Director: Mischa Kamp
Writer: Chris Westendorp, Jaap-Peter Enderle
Cast: Gijs Blom, Ko Zandvliet, Jonas Smulders, Ton Kas, Stijn TaverneMyron Wouts, Lotte Razoux Schultz, Rachelle Verdel
Part of: identities Festival
Seen on: 12.6.2015

Sieger (Gijs Blom) is on the tracking team and when they get two new members, they have good chances to qualify for the nationals. As they start training for the relay, Sieger finds himself drawn to team member Marc (Ko Zandvliet), who is unpredictable, exciting and warm. He’d much rather spend time with him than try to pick up girls with his best friend Stef (Stijn Taverne), although he does like Jessica (Lotte Razoux Schultz). And he’d definitely rather hang with Marc than try to soften things between his father (Ton Kas) and his brother Eddy (Jonas Smulders).

Jongens tells a predictable, but extremely nice story in a good way, even if it sometimes did have its lengths. I enjoyed it.

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