A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

A Little Bit Zombie
Director: Casey Walker
Writer: Trevor Martin, Christopher Bond
Cast: Kristopher Turner, Crystal Lowe, Shawn Roberts, Kristen Hager, Emilie Ullerup, Stephen McHattie
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

Steve (Kristopher Turner) is about to get married to Tina (Crystal Lowe). Unfortunately Tina and Steve’s sister Sarah (Kristen Hager) don’t get along at all – which Steve tries to remedy by taking them, including Sarah’s husband and Steve’s best friend Craig (Shawn Roberts) to the family cabin. But things go from bad to worse when Steve is bitten by a zombie mosquito and slowly starts craving brains and transforming in general.

A Little Bit Zombie has its moments, but mostly it has a rather shallow and cheap sense of humor. But worse than that, the direction was really, really bad. And I mean fucking abysmal.

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Leslie, My Name Is Evil (2009)


Leslie, My Name Is Evil is the newest film by Reginald Harkema. It stars Kristen Hager, Gregory Smith*, Ryan Robbins, Kristin Adams, Kaniehtiio Horn, Anjelica Scannura, Sarah Gadon and Travis Milne.

Leslie (Kristen Hager) is a good girl. She comes from an “L.A. suburb, my parents are divorced and now I’m searching for a new sense of purpose” [actual quote] and seems to find this with Charles Manson (Ryan Robbins) and his girls (Kaniehtiio Horn, Anjelica Scannura, Sarah Gadon). Which, as we all know, doesn’t end too well.
Perry (Gregory Smith) is a good boy. He has good grades in school, a promising career in chemistry and a nice Christian girlfriend (Kristin Adams). Everything seems to work perfectly, even though he dreads being drafted for the Vietnam war, until he gets called into the jury of the Manson trial and he falls in love with Leslie.

Leslie, My Name Is Evil effectfully combines B-Movie style, gore, sarcasm, whimsy and humor to create an actually pretty thoughtful movie about violence. It’s one of the films you should go to movie festivals for because you probably wouldn’t see them otherwise. And you’d miss out on a lot.


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