Looking for Alaska (John Green)

I’ve been following John Green‘s blog and vlog (which he shares with his brother) for a while and been greatly entertained by it. But until now I’ve never gotten around to reading any of his books. Looking for Alaska is his first novel. He writes for young adults.

Miles starts the new school year at a boarding school in Alabama. He didn’t leave much behind – except his parents – and now he’s out to search “the Great Perhaps”. He finds new friends at Boarding School – The Colonel, Takumi, Lara and the enigmatic Alaska – but also new problems. He falls in love for the first time. And he has some tough choices to make.

I liked Looking for Alaska, though not as much as I expected to. I think that’s the ending’s fault. It’s a nice book but there were some things that made me cringe. In any case, it’s a quick read, it entertains and has some starting points for discussion, which might possibly make it the ideal young adult book.



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