Brothers’ Nest (2018)

Brothers’ Nest
Director: Clayton Jacobson
Writer: Jaime Browne, Chris Pahlow
Cast: Shane Jacobson, Clayton Jacobson, Kim Gyngell, Lynette Curran, Sarah Snook
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 24.9.2018

Brothers Terry (Shane Jacobson) and Jeff (Clayton Jacobson) have it all planned. To be fair, Jeff has done the lion’s share in planning, but Terry is there and they are ready to set their plan into motion. They start to meticulously prepare for a murder, but working with family is never easy.

Brothers’ Nest is a tense film with good characters that I absolutely enjoyed. It’s fantastically entertaining and both funny and sad at the same time. It was a wonderful discovery and may have been one of my favorites of the /slash Filmfestival this year.

The film poster shwoing two men pushing bicycles.
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Somersault (2004)

Director: Cate Shortland
Writer: Cate Shortland
Cast: Abbie CornishSam Worthington, Anne-Louise LambertErik ThomsonLeah Purcell, Lynette CurranOlivia Pigeot
Part of: 7.1.2017

16-year-old Heidi (Abbie Cornish) runs away from home after being caught when her mother’s boyfriend kisses her. She ends up in a small town in the mountains where she tries to connect with people. With men, that mostly means sex, though that doesn’t really end well. She finds a motherly friend in Irene (Lynette Curran) who offers her a place to stay; and she finds a job. And then she finds Joe (Sam Worthington) and kind of falls in love with him. But Joe is withdrawn and rough and is still trying to figuring out his own sexuality.

I hadn’t heard much about Somersault before seeing it, I basically bought it because Abbie Cornish is in it. What I got was an emotional, engaging and beautiful film with a wonderful ending.

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Groß und klein [Big and Small]

Groß und klein
Director: Benedict Andrews
Writer: Botho Strauß (translated by Martin Crimp)
Cast: Cate Blanchett, Lynette Curran, Anita Hegh, Belinda McClory, Josh McConville, Robert Menzies, Katrina Milosevic, Yalin Ozucelik, Richard Piper, Richard Pyros, Sophie Ross, Chris Ryan, Christopher Stollery, Martin Vaughan
Part of: Wiener Festwochen

Lotte (Cate Blanchett) is desperately trying to connect to the people around her. But as she wanders from scene to scene in search of a connection, things seem to be always getting in the way.

The play is a strange one and it took me a bit to really get into it. But once I did, I absolutely loved it. And that is not even taking into account how wonderful, awesome and brilliant Cate Blanchett is.

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