The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps is a theater adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie. There was a production of it in the Theater Center Forum.
Director: Marcus Strahl
Writer: Patrick Barlow
Based on: Alfred Hitchcock‘s movie, written by Charles Bennett and Ian Hay and which was in turn based on John Buchan‘s novel
Cast: Paul König, Leila Strahl, Martin Gesslbauer, Natascha Shalaby

Richard Hannay (Paul König) is frustrated and depressed with his life. But then he meets a mysterious woman (Leila Strahl) at a theater who is obviously in some kind of trouble and who invites herself back to his place. Before Richard can really wrap his head around the goings-on, the woman is stabbed in his apartment, drops a mysterious hint and Richard finds himself on the way to Scotland, trying to figure out what exactly the 39 Steps are.

I was lucky enough to get free tickets for two different things in one week. I would have gladly spent money on the ballet thing. For this play, I was really happy that I didn’t have to.


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