Nachsaison [Off Season] (1988)

Director: Wolfram Paulus
Writer: Wolfram Paulus, Ulrike Dickmann
Cast: Albert Paulus, Günther Maria Halmer, Mercedes Echerer, Daniela Obermeir, Michael Reiter, Claus Homschak
Seen on: 23.10.2016

Lenz (Albert Paulus) works as a massage therapist in a town that lives off the sanatorium / spa business. But the town has seen its heyday and the few rich guests that make their way there anymore only barely keep Lenz and his family afloat. Therefore he’s looking for other possibilities to earn a little money and make a better living. Or at least drown his sorrows in alcohol. As he’s just about to get laid off, young dancer Nurit (Mercedes Echerer) comes to town to get well and Lenz is appointed as her therapist. But their relationship may not stay entirely professional.

Nachsaison has a few strengths, but ultimately it didn’t work for me. Neither Lenz nor the story itself managed to keep my interest.

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Meine Tochter nicht [Not My Daughter] (2010)

Meine Tochter nicht
Director: Wolfgang Murnberger
Writer: Konstanze Breitebner
Cast: Lisa Martinek, Bernhard Schir, Nikola Rudle, Christopher Schärf, Mercedes Echerer, Karl Fischer, Raimund Wallisch, Max SchmiedlHary Prinz, Gerhard Liebmann, Sissy Höfferer
Seen on: 20.8.2016

Maria (Lisa Martinek) and Paul Hofer (Bernhard Schir) have a great life – and a wonderful daughter in Nadja (Nikola Rudle). But shortly after Nadja’s sixteenth birthday, trouble arrives in the form of Nadja’s boyfriend Robi (Christopher Schärf). He is older and obviously from a social background that is nowhere near the Hofer’s lifestyle. But worst of all: Robi takes drugs – and he starts to drag Nadja into his addiction, despite her parents’ desperate attempts to keep her safe.

Meine Tochter nicht comes with a strong cast and hits some notes very accurately, but unfortunately loses almost all points in its resolution of the story and its moralizing tone.


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Halbe Welt [Half the World] (1993)

Halbe Welt
Director: Florian Flicker
Writer: Florian Flicker, Michael Sturminger
Cast: Rainer Egger, Dani Levy, Mercedes Echerer, Maria Schrader, Goran Rebic, Allen Browne, Michael KreihslMara Mattuschka, Karl Markovics
Part of: Viennale

The sun has turned deadly, so life in the remaining megacities on earth now happens at night, where the sale of postcards showing sunny spaces without the threat of death is booming. Katz (Dani Levy) takes full advantage of that – dealing with everything that people might need, in particular every reproduction of nature he can get his hands on that is not owned by the “Whites” who sell it to the rich. Herzog (Rainer Egger) on the other hand didn’t manage to adapt to the new situation as well as Katz – he misses the sun and every day at dawn, he tries to stand outside as long as possible. And Sunny (Maria Schrader) sees all of them in her bar where the different spheres come together.

Halbe Welt is a very weird film. I’d understand if it was too weird for somebody, but I really enjoyed it.

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