Annie (2014)

Director: Will Gluck
Writer: Will Gluck, Aline Brosh McKenna (script), Greg Kurstin, Sia (new music)
Based on: the play written by Thomas Meehan (book), Charles Strouse (music), Martin Charnin (lyrics) which is in turn based on Harold Gray‘s comic strip Little Orphan Annie
Cast: Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, David Zayas, Cameron Diaz, Michael J. Fox, Patricia Clarkson, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Rihanna, Sia
Seen on: 23.01.2015

Annie (Quvenzhané Wallis) is an orphan and lives with the difficult Ms Hannigan (Cameron Diaz) and several other foster children. She dreams of finding her parents and whenever possible she passes her time coming up with ways she could find out more about them. But her life takes an abrupt turn when she is saved from getting hit by a car by the self-involved businessman Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx) who is running for mayor. Stacks’ PR person Guy (Bobby Cannavale) sees the perfect opportunity to make Stacks more likeable and convinces him to take in Annie, despite the misgivings of Stack’s assistant Grace (Rose Byrne). But Annie is not just a passive thing to be used – she makes her own life.

I don’t know whether I have actually ever seen the film from the 80s and I know for a fact that I didn’t see any of the other adaptations of this. And as practically an Annie virgin, I really enjoyed the film, even if it had its weak spots.

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Answering Questions Asked Through Google XVII

Today’s question is:

“why is jason bateman playing weird chara[chters]”?

To which I would like to answer: Is he?

He played a teenage werewolf, but so did Michael J. Fox and anything that Michael J. Fox played may be many things, but weird is not one of them.

He played a mutant, but not really.

He played an adult, who behaves like a kid, but in the end, that’s what guys usually do.

He played a detective in a spoof and every actor should play in a spoof, so that’s cool.

He played one of the nicest guys there possible is.

I think that his roles are more boring than most actors. If you would like to see really weird, go and check out Christopher Walken. Or Johnny Depp.

And maybe you would like to tell us about some actors of the weird in the comment section? Or maybe you would like to tell me why Jason Bateman is weird?