Bronenosets Potemkin [Battleship Potemkin] (1925) + Michael Nyman Band

Bronenosets Potemkin
Director: Sergei M. Eisenstein
Writer: Nina Agadzhanova
Cast: Aleksandr Antonov, Vladimir Barsky, Grigori Aleksandrov
Part of: Film and Music Cycle in the Konzerthaus
With music by: Michael Nyman, played by the Michael Nyman Band

There’s trouble brewing on the Battleship Potemkin. The Crew is far from happy with their leadership and the conditions they have to work in. Soon discontent grows into outright rebellion – a rebellion that grows even past the ship and onto the mainland.

I had never seen the film before and practically all I knew going in was that it was an absolute classic and that it featured a famous scene with a baby carriage. In any case, it was a great film, though I’m less sure about Nyman’s accompanying music.

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Shestaya chast mira [A Sixth of the World] (1926) + Michael Nyman Band

A Sixth of the World is a film by Dziga Vertov. It was shown in the Konzerthaus with live music by Michael Nyman and his band as part of ther Film and Music Cylce. [Here’s my review of one of the shows from the cycle last year.]

A Sixth of the World doesn’t really have a plot. It’s USSR propaganda film and basically just a sequence of more or less random pictures of Russian people, mostly at work, interrupted by title cards announcing the evil of capitalism and the greatness of socialism.

The movie has very entertaining moments and Michael Nyman’s music is always nice. Unfortunately, both got really repetitive.

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