Vision (2018)

Director: Naomi Kawase
Writer: Naomi Kawase
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Masatoshi Nagase, Takanori Iwata, Minami, Mirai Moriyama, Min Tanaka, Mari Natsuki
Seen on: 14.8.2019

Travel author Jeanne (Juliette Binoche) makes her way to Japan to find out more about a mysterious plant said to have healing powers. The plant – called Vision – is said to bloom only once every 1000 years, and only in one particular forest in Nara. When Jeanne and her translator Hana (Minami) arrive there, they meet the grumpy woodsman Satoshi (Masatoshi Nagase). He gives them a place to stay, almost despite himself, but then Satoshi and Jeanne start to grow closer.

Vision sounds like a standard romance, but it is not. That didn’t really make it any more interesting to me, though, just more confusing.

The film poster showing Jeanne (Juliette Binoche), Satoshi (Masatoshi Nagase) and Rin (Takanori Iwata) as cutouts along a tree trunk photographed from below.
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