The Devil’s Candy (2015)

The Devil’s Candy
Director: Sean Byrne
Writer: Sean Byrne
Cast: Ethan Embry, Shiri Appleby, Kiara Glasco, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Craig Nigh, Marco Perella, Orion West, Mylinda Royer
Part of: Viennale
Seen on: 31.10.2015
[Review by cornholio.]

Jesse (Ethan Embry), Astrid (Shiri Appleby) and their daughter Zooey (Kiara Glasco) just bought a foreclosed house outside of the city. Even though Astrid and Zooey will have a longer commute that way, it gives them more space and Jesse, who is a painter, can have his own studio there. But there is something evil about the house. The previous owners died and their son Ray (Pruitt Taylor Vince), who seems to have a disability, can’t really stay away from his former home. But then Jesse starts hearing voices and painting weird things, as if something was taking over.

The Devil’s Candy worked very well for me – until the last ten minutes or so, where it falls so completely apart that it threatens even the good 80 minutes that came before.

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