Mandy (2018)

Director: Panos Cosmatos
Writer: Panos Cosmatos, Aaron Stewart-Ahn
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, Ned Dennehy, Olwen Fouéré, Richard Brake, Bill Duke
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 20.9.2018

Red (Nicolas Cage) and Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) couldn’t be happier with each other. They live remotely and they live mostly for each other. But their intense togetherness is not only disrupted, it is destroyed when Mandy catches the eye of Jeremiah Sand (Linus Roache), the leader of a local cult. Jeremiah shows up at Red and Mandy’s home ready to do everything to get Mandy to himself.

Mandy starts off well enough, but after the first hour or so, I lost interest in it. It’s intriguing, and as an opening to this year’s /slash Filmfestival it was well-chosen, but it just didn’t work all the way through.

The film poster all in red hues, showing various of the film's characters.
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Tyrannosaur (2011)

Director: Paddy Considine
Writer: Paddy Considine
Cast: Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman, Eddie Marsan, Ned Dennehy

Joseph (Peter Mullan) is a lonely, aggressive and alcoholic widower who basically reaches his own low when he kicks his dog to death because he just doesn’t have control over himself anymore. When he flees into a charity shop during a panic attack, Hannah (Olivia Colman) who runs the shop prays for him. Joseph repays her with a rant against her belief, her being middle class and her shiny life. But Hannah’s life with her husband James (Eddie Marsan) isn’t as good as it might seem. Instead it is shaped by constant abuse and humiliation. But despite their circumstances Hannah and Joseph connect.

Tyrannosaur is realistic and awful. There is the tiniest sliver of hope in the end, but it definitely isn’t a feel good film. But what it is, is absofuckinglutely excellent.

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