Forbidden by Time (Negeen Papehn)

Forbidden by Time is the third novel in the Forbidden Love series by Negeen Papehn.
Finished on: 27.8.2019
[I won this book in a librarything Early Reviewer give-away.]

Bita is a successful dentist and she’s pretty content with her life. But her family – above all her mother – can’t accept that Bita is single. When Bita decides that it is time to get her own house, she finds an old family friend as the real estate agent – Ramtin. Ramtin is incredibly charming, divorced and 15 years her senior, but sparks fly between them. Their age gap shouldn’t be a problem – or at least that’s what Bita thinks at first.

Forbidden by Time is a generally nice read and I liked that it was set in the Iranian-American community, but it definitely would have needed some more editing. I enjoyed it for the most part anyway.

The book cover showing the silhouettes of a couple looking at each other in front of a sunset and a beach.
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