Bit (2019)

Director: Brad Michael Elmore
Writer: Brad Michael Elmore
Cast: Diana Hopper, Nicole Maines, Zolee Griggs, Friday Chamberlain, Char Diaz, James Paxton, Greg Hill
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 21.9.2019

Laurel (Nicole Maines) just finished high school and doesn’t yet know what comes next. But she will be spending the summer with her brother Mark (James Paxton) in LA. Once she arrives there, she meets Izzy (Zolee Griggs) and through Izzy, Duke (Diana Hopper). She leaves Mark and goes off clubbing with the women, only to wake the next morning and find bite marks on her neck. Now Laurel has to decide whether to join the all-female vampire crew and fight against men.

Bit claims to be queer feminist and that’s just not the case. If feminist-baiting is a thing, this film is it. It does have some nice ideas, but overall it was a little disappointing for me.

The film poster showing a drawings of the main characters in blue with some red overtones.
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