Djeca [Children of Sarajevo] (2012)

Director: Aida Begic
Writer: Aida Begic
Cast: Marija Pikic, Ismir Gagula, Bojan Navojec, Sanela Pepeljak, Vedran Djekic, Mario Knezovic, Jasna Beri, Nikola Djuricko
Seen on: 3.6.2016

Rahima (Marija Pikic) lost her parents in the Bosnian war and now has to raise her brother Nedim (Ismir Gagula) despite being only¬† a few years older than him. Conscientous, Rahima tries her best to do everything right. She works hard in a restaurant where she barely makes enough money and still makes sure that Nedim always has food on the table and can continue to go to school. They used to be very close, but Nedim is alienated by Rahima’s decision to convert to Islam, and with him being a teenager now, he starts to slip away – and Rahima is afraid that it isn’t a good place he’s moving towards.

Djeca sounds interesting on paper, but during the film I found my mind wandering more often than not. I just never really got into that film so much.

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