Cellular (2004)

Director: David R. Ellis
Writer: Larry CohenChris Morgan
Cast: Chris EvansJason Statham, Kim BasingerJessica BielNoah EmmerichWilliam H. MacyMircea MonroeLin Shaye 
Seen on: 27.12.2016

Teacher Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger) finds herself being held captive by Ethan (Jason Statham), who is actually looking for her husband. As Jessica is locked away in the attic, she applies her science knowledge to use the smashed up phone their. The catch is that she can’t really control the dial. Quite by chance she ends up calling carefree surfer dude Ryan (Chris Evans). Ryan doubts Jessica’s story, but she manages to convince him – and it’s up to him to help her out of this very bad situation.

I didn’t expect much from Cellular – some mindless action. Which is what I got, but in a surprisingly charming and humorous package.

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Re-Watch: The Truman Show (1998)

The Truman Show
Director: Peter Weir
Writer: Andrew Niccol
Cast: Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natascha McElhone, Ed Harris, Paul Giamatti
Seen on: 8.3.2016

Truman (Jim Carrey) is living an absolutely ordinary life as an insurance salesman in a small town. His wife Meryl (Laura Linney) is a nurse and they are reasonably happy together and may have children soon. So far, so good. What Truman doesn’t know is that Meryl’s name is actually Hannah Gill. She’s an actress and he is the star of a reality TV show that has been chronicling his life since birth. Everything around him is TV – everything but Truman. Bit by bit, though, things are falling apart and Truman is starting to doubt.

It’s been years, probably a decade, that I saw The Truman Show and while the technology has changed a lot in that time, the film is still remarkably current. Plus, it is simply a good film.

thetrumanshow[SPOILERS follow]

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Sympathy for Delicious (2010)

Sympathy for Delicious
Director: Mark Ruffalo
Writer: Christopher Thornton
Cast: Christopher Thornton, Juliette LewisLaura Linney, Orlando Bloom, Noah Emmerich, Mark Ruffalo

Dean (Christopher Thornton) used to be a successful DJ until an accident puts him in a wheelchair permanently. Now Dean is homeless, mostly depressed and it is made impossible for him to work. But then two things happen that change Dean’s life from one day to the next: One, Ariel (Juliette Lewis) asks Dean to work with her band, led by eccentric The Stain (Orlando Bloom), And two, after being introduced to the world of faith healing by Father Joe (Mark Ruffalo), Dean discover that he actually has the power to heal people – everyone but himself.

Sympathy for Delicious consists of many good parts, but it lacks a bit of adhesive between those parts. Nevertheless it is a very nice watch.

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Beyond Borders (2003)

Beyond Borders
Director: Martin Campbell
Writer: Caspian Tredwell-Owen
Cast: Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen, Teri Polo, Linus Roache, Noah Emmerich

Sarah (Angelina Jolie) who recently married Henry (Linus Roache), led a generally very sheltered life among the upper class. But that world is pretty much shattered when Nick (Clive Owen) turns up at a charity event. Nick works as a doctor in a refugee camp in Ethiopia from where he dragged a starving boy to London. Nick rants against the charity which just stopped funding his refugee camp and impresses Sarah a lot, as much with his demeanor as with his speech. Inspired, she decides to help herself and organizes a giant care package that she accompanies to Ethiopia herself.

Beyond Borders is kitsch as kitsch can. Seriously, this is pure cheese. It’s basically a Nicholas Sparks novel in front of a humanitarian background. And as such, it is strangely entertaining.


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Super 8 (2011)

Super 8 is the newest film written and directed by J. J. Abrams, starring Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, Gabriel Basso, Kyle Chandler, Noah Emmerich and Jessica Tuck.

Joe (Joel Courtney) recently lost his mother and his relationship with his father (Kyle Chandler) is strained. So it’s not really surprising that he spends most of his time with his friends. Charles (Riley Griffiths) is shooting a movie, where Joe does the make-up, special effects and audio. When Charles casts Alice (Elle Fanning), Joe is electrified. But during their first shoot together, they witness a train derailing – and something escapes that train. The military moves in quickly and weird things start happening.

The kids were adorable and I could have watched three films about Joe and Alice, easily. But (and I know I just said basically the same thing yesterday): the monster part seemed out of place and didn’t work for me. Apart from that, I liked it.

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Pride and Glory (2008)

Pride and Glory is a rather typical police story about corrupt police men, drugs, and family. It stars Edward Norton, Colin Farrell and Jon Voight and is directed by Gavin O’Connor.

The Tierneys are a family of cops  – father Francis (Jon Voight), his two sons Ray (Edward Norton) and Fran (Noah Emmerich) and their brother-in-law Jimmy (Colin Farrell) all work in the police. After the gruesome murder of four colleagues during a raid, Ray takes over the case and finds corruption not only in the police force, but also in his family.

I love Edward Norton. I really really really do. He’s a great actor, he has good taste when it comes to movies [well, almost always], he’s intelligent, he’s good looking. He’s the kind of guy I would love to spend an evening with. So, I expected a lot from his performance. But this movie made me wonder… Is he in financial troubles? Should I start a fund so he’ll be able to keep his artistic integrity? Does he need help with anything?
[Colin Farrell, even though he makes me want to get naked and dirty, is not famous for his great movie choices. (With a few exceptions.) So, no grand expectations here.]



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